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I'll start this off by introducing myself.

My name is Jessica and I'm a 20 year old college student majoring in the fine arts. I'm also a mom and I own a small online store.

I have 7 tattoos and 3 piercings. I like both old and new school tattoos, but I LOVE black and white shading.

My ultimate goal is to someday open up my own shop. But right now, I'm begging my tattoo artist friends to let me be the shop secretary! hehe. If you have a shop in the cape coral, fort myers area and need a secretary, just let me know. I can handle customers, answer phones, clean, and yes...COOK!!!! :-p

My tattoos are:
-beginning of my spider web sleeve on my right upper arm done by Kelly at pleasures (cape coral, FL)
-"Jayde" faery wing tattoo on my left upper arm also done by kelly
-Lower left leg is my libra symbol/stars/flame done by ?? at needful things in fort myers
-left shoulder is my spikey nin symbol done by (joe?) at big stick specialties
-upper back is a chinese symbol that stands for mother inked by huggy bear (cape coral)
-Right below the symbol is my "ryan" tattoo also done by Kelly
-small butterfly (impulse...i hate it now) left arm done by huggy bear

if you need anything, just give me a hollar!
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